Restaurant Review: SLICE on Broadway

I’ve now been here twice – once to dine in with a friend, and once to grab a pizza for take out.  It can be officially declared my favorite pizza in Pittsburgh.

Slice (on Broadway) is a tiny little joint near an awesome taco joint (Casa Rasta) in Beechview.  Not a neighborhood in Pittsburgh that you’d usually associate with great food, but this is GREAT pizza. 

Unlike my negative experience at a fancy pants pizza joint with a celebrity’s name attached, Slice is packed with friendly (and funny) staff, reasonable prices, and a wide variety of options, from sauces to cheeses and meat or veggie toppings (and pizza by the slice, hence the name). 

During my first visit, they advised my friend and I to split a small pie – and let us customize it exactly the way we wanted.

Have many pizza places can you get pesto sauce and goat cheese?! 

Last week I grabbed a large pizza for my husband and I – we got two nights’ worth of dinners (plus a lunch or two) from it.  Adam was a trooper and let me order the The Veggie Pie: “fresh spinach, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, black olives, green peppers, roasted red peppers, and sliced red onions. PETA would be proud”. 

The cheery gentleman behind the counter told me I had to open the pizza box and see how gorgeous it was before I left the shop.  I agreed it was beautiful – and then he stated he’d NEVER eat that many veggies but he hoped I’d enjoy it.  :)

To each his own.  And I’ll be back.  Often.

Oh, they have hoagies and salads too.  But you don’t want to miss this pizza.  You can view the full menu on their simple website.

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