Salads, Spinach, and Spectacular Tomatoes

I’m not big on pre-packaged salads, both for the cost and the thought that they couldn’t possibly taste good.

Trader Joe’s changed my mind yesterday.

Has anyone else tried this salad?  It was so delicious – my new mission in life is to recreate that dressing.  I don’t even LIKE salad dressing – I typically sprinkle on some balsamic vinegar and call it a day, but the honey ginger vinaigrette was amazing.  I wonder if they sell it by the bottle?

I bought these tomatoes last week with the intention of making a caprese salad, but it never happened.

According to the package, they’re “the tomato lover’s tomato”.  They were so delicious that I think they could even convert a tomato hater!

I’m not typically the type of person who looks for a certain variety of any type of produce, but from now on I will be loyal to campari tomatoes whenever possible.  So delicious.

In the mood for a pizza of sorts, I made a simple roux with flour, garlic, and olive oil, then cooked down the remainder of a bag of spinach leaves to make a creamed spinach.

I had no shredded cheese but read that these guys melt pretty well:

The Fiber One tortillas I was using didn’t seem to hold up well under the weight of the spinach, so I had to broil the “pizza” in a baking dish.

It ended up being much more like a burrito – but delicious and filling.

Are you a produce snob?  I typically buy ANY type of apple except red delicious (so NOT delicious) or granny smith (too tart).  I will consider myself a tomato snob after trying those camparis!

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