Sunday Dinner & Granola Jackpot

Happy Monday!  Sorry to be posting so late, but my blogging brain still is on weekend time.   This past weekend felt so short after the long Memorial day holiday!

Since we moved in to our house, Adam and I still try to see our families at least once a week – his brother came over yesterday morning to help Adam with some stuff around the house, then we went to my folks’ for a traditional Sunday night meal, courtesy of my dad:

Meat & Potatoes

For the boys & our good friend, Annie.

Fish & Veggies:

For mom & me.

I was super excited to bust out this beauty to play with yesterday while the boys were doing yard work:

I attempted CCK’s deep dish cookie pie, but baked in a brownie dish and they were just too thick to really set up correctly.  My family also called me out on them tasting too healthy – live and learn!  Next time I’m trying the recipe with multiple cups of brown sugar!

Mom’s apple pie saved the day:

Another highlight from my weekend was finding my favorite granola at TJ Maxx!  I’ve said before how sad I am that Love Grown isn’t sold near Pittsburgh, so I was really excited to find these three flavors in stock! 

I got the last of the Raisin Almond and Sweet Cranberry Pecan (my FAVORITE), but left a second bag of Chocolate Goodness and one of the Simply Oats for someone else to find (I couldn’t carry any more of them up to the checkout counter anyway, and Adam already thinks I’m a granola hoarder).  I love to make my own, but the clusters in Love Grown make it so snack-able!

Any good food finds this weekend?  How often do you have family meals?

I am so obsessed with breakfast foods (since my dad is a diner mogul and all) that I’m going to start a new feature called Breakfast Food Fridays!  Think of your current favorite breakfast and join the link party this Friday!

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