Ten Thursday Things

1. I HAVE COUNTER TOPS!  Thank you, Adam. <3

They aren’t installed, the hole isn’t cut for the sink (so I have no sink), but I HAVE COUNTER TOPS.   I could sit my cutting board on them and chop vegetables without balancing it between sides of the cabinets.  Amazing.  Oh, the things we take for granted.

2.  My husband is crazy.  Crazy for cookie butter.

And crazy for throwing this jar away!  I know he got 99.9% of it out, but doesn’t he know I want to fill it with oatmeal?  Luckily I found it when I got home from work yesterday.  Don’t judge me for taking it out of the garbage.

3.  I’m crazy.

For this mac & cheese.  I ate all of the leftovers for lunch yesterday and didn’t think twice about it.  Sorry, Adam.

4. I got my second Birchbox and I’m still not crazy about it.

Self tanning towels, bronzer, lip/cheek stain, mini Luna bar, and Taylor Swift’s perfume.  Ehh.  I can’t decide if I want to keep my subscription or not – I feel like most of the products aren’t anything better than you get for free with a purchase at Sephora.  The lip stain I really like and I’m thinking about buying a full size version.  Mila always gets cooler stuff than I do.  At least the box is really adorable.  If you’re still interested after my raving review, you can sign up here for $10 worth of samples per month. 

5.  The peanut butter cookie dough overnight oat recipe was a hit.  Even Brittany from Eating Bird Food liked it, which is so cool because she’s one of my favorite bloggers.   I haven’t been able to have any this week because I’m out of flax seed, but my iHerb order should ship today – then it’s game on (use referral code VAP443 for $5 off your first order).

6.  Oh, I’m on Instagram (@clairetherd) now.  I don’t use it often but I plan to.  So follow me so I can follow you.  Thanks. :)

7.  I basically want to make every single recipe Jess ever posts (minus the meat-related ones), but after seeing these I went to the store and got all of the ingredients.  Friday night’s dinner is planned.

8.  My brother’s graduation party is this weekend, and he’s invited more people than we had at our wedding.  I’m making a huge batch of my almost too sweet Chex mix.  Speaking of too sweet, some of my Dad’s ridiculously sweet butterscotch birthday cake has been dessert every night this week.  Cakecakecakecakecakecakecakecakecake.

9.  So many people commented on the chocolate Twizzlers that I have to address them:  No, I don’t like regular Twizzlers.  No, they don’t taste like black licorice (aka the worst “candy” ever).   I didn’t hate them but wouldn’t buy them. 

10.  Breakfast Food Friday link up tomorrow!  Grab the banner today to get your post ready. ;)

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