1) I’m pretty sure my husband had Chef Boyardee ravioli for breakfast.  There was only about 1 Tbsp of milk left in the carton, so I offered to make him eggs, but he declined.  After he left for work I saw the empty can in the garbage and the kitchen smelled like marinara sauce.  Eew.

2) Like I mentioned yesterday, Biscoff spread is dangerous to have in the house.   I was searching for cookie butter cookie recipes, then realized that would be adding fat and sugar to cookies (with fat and sugar) that have already been crushed up and added to fat and sugar (making the spread).  Sigh.  Not very RD friendly.

photo 1

But I can’t let an empty jar go before filling it with hot oatmeal to get every last tiny bit out.  Maybe I should buy a mini spatula to scrape the jar with.

3) My lunches have been lacking inspiration.  I stick with a sweet potato, black bean (with paprika and chili powder), and goat cheese microwave meal a few times each week.

photo 2

4) If you’re from Pittsburgh, you know Giant Eagle is one of the biggest grocery chains.  They’re also insanely expensive.  I’m pretty sure I pay less than $1 for a head of cauliflower at Bottom Dollar or Aldi, but GE wanted $3.99 for one.  That’s the reason I only shop there when I’m desperate.  So I bought frozen florets instead, and they did NOT as well for the barbecue flavored meal I wanted to recreate.  It still tasted okay, but didn’t get crispy crunchy like using fresh.

photo 3

This time I tossed the BBQ tempeh with steamed kale.  I wanted to throw that $4-flower at someone’s head at Giant Eagle.  Their prices are INFREAKINGSANE.

Whipped cottage cheese with fresh berries is still an obsession.  I need to put it in a nicer container and photograph it well and call it a recipe.  Some day.

photo 4

Tonight I’m trying out a new (to me) hot yoga studio and seeing “Oz” with my parents, since Adam has no interest.  Have a great night!

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