Thursday Thoughts

1.  I went running during my lunch break on Tuesday.  It was really hard to not to jump in to the river at mile 2.5 and 85 degrees. 

2. It’s been over 90 the past 3 days here, and 78 at 7 am this morning.  I thought we could live without central air, but I was wrong.  Dear husband, if you’re reading this, the kitchen is still more important. :)

3.  Does anyone have a great recipe that uses honey?  We have this jar of amazing honey from our trip to Poland – Adam’s cousin’s wife’s family collects (bottles? jars?) their own honey on their farm and it is the most flavorful honey I’ve ever tasted. 

4.  I used some of that honey when I made a double batch of my almost too sweet chex mix for my brother’s party last weekend, but most of the flavor was masked by the two cups of brown sugar and 2 sticks of butter – go figure.  This is the chex mix cooling on our living room table.

5.  Made these delicious portobello sandwiches for dinner last Friday night.  Adam said “What IS that?” and then refused.  Fine, more for me.

6.  As much as I enjoyed this breakfast wrap last week, I think this one beats it – tempeh “bacon”, nutritional yeast, egg whites, avocado, spinach, and mushrooms.  If you haven’t tried the egg/avocado/nooch combination yet, DO IT.

7.  I really want to go to DC to visit this girl (and Roo) and hang out on her rooftop.  I’ll bring the caramelized onions, okay?!

 8.  Since early May, I’ve been practicing yoga 2-3 times per week and feel more toned than when I lifted or did other strength training several times a week.  It also seems to be helping with my knee pain!  There’s an awesome 45 minute power yoga class that is taught at work twice a week and I have a 10 class Groupon for a hot yoga studio.  Hot yoga makes me really hungry.  That’s all. 

9.  I’ve had this salad three days in a row and I’m not tired of it yet.

10.  Finally restocked my flax & chia seed stash since I’ve been using them almost every night for cookie dough overnight oats.  Looking for chia seeds, flax, or nutritional yeast?  Get $5 off your iHerb order with my referral code, VAP443.

I was out of yogurt and ended up adding some cottage cheese and blueberries to the latest batch (with vanilla protein powder instead of peanut flour) and it was amazing – like blueberry cheesecake.

End of my ramblings for the day.  Please help me find some great honey recipes (other than granola) – links are welcome! :)

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