Tuesday Things

I’m glad you all find grilled cheese sandwiches totally addictive, too.  It would have been great with avocado pesto & egg for breakfast, too!

Usually when bloggers add 57(ish) toppings to their breakfast, I think they’re crazy.  For some reason, I made peanut butter & jelly pancakes on Saturday and they were amazing.

Kodiak cake mix, blueberries, PB Crave raspberry peanut butter, and blended blueberry Cho.  Didn’t even miss the syrup.

Foodie finds at Marshall’s – it still feels wrong to walk out of there with food instead of clothes or a purse.  I guess priorities can change.

As much as I adore Love Grown and the fact that I can find it locally now (yay!), that carrot cake granola might be my new best friend.  Little tiny pieces of cream cheese frosting?!  Yes, please!  It’s one of the few “healthy” foods with a dessert flavor that actually tastes exactly as it should.  So good.  And “Snickerkicker” coffee – like a chocolate snickerdoodle, cocoa & cinnamon all in one.  Win-win.

I had a major veggie burger craving last weekend so Adam and I dined at Uno after a major spending spree at Target (don’t even bring it up).  He said it was surreal to watch me bite in to a huge burger.

This past Sunday I was determined to make dinner with only the leftover veggies in the fridge and items from the pantry.  In 50′s housewife fashion, I decided on a lightened up tuna noodle casserole (recipe to come).

It should have served six, but Adam and his brother both had about 2.5 servings each.  And just to make sure the boys were well fed, I made one of my very favorite dessert recipes – peach cobbler.

This super simple and naturally light recipe is always amazing – but a really good batch of fresh peaches made it better than usual.  My parents stopped over for dessert, too (both recipes to come).

Things I’ve pinned this week:

On the carrot cake theme, Matt blew my mind when he mentioned these cookies this week.  Can’t wait for an excuse to make a batch!

Emily’s Italian pressed sandwich had me missing our honeymoon.

Heather’s honey balsamic roasted cherries are just begging for brie and toasty bread.

Mama Pea’s Quinoa Enchilada Bake makes Mexican healthy.

Tell me something wonderful you’ve purchased, prepared, or pinned this week!

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