1. I’m working on transferring all of my recipes to a Recipage.  It’s taking some time, but also making me re-think some of the recipes I posted early on – I might need to re-make some of them and take better pictures with my new camera.

2. I tweeted this after a Groupon massage on Saturday:

When I walked in to the salon and saw the masseuse was a male, I got totally freaked out.  I’ve had plenty of massages in the past but never had a male masseuse before.  It was uncomfortable at first, but he was professional and worked my muscles HARD (at my request).  I told him about my tight shoulders and painful knee issues, and he was amazed that I was even walking normally with my IT band on the left side.  He said my whole left side (leg to shoulder) was much worse than my right – weird, huh?  I can’t decide if it was the best or worst massage ever.

3.  Bella went from scruffy:

To cat-like smooth for Spring: 

4.  Sugar free update – one more week!

I have been “cheating” a little bit on Sundays - especially since Robins Eggs are out now!  I hope to stay mostly sugar free after Lent is over, and really make decisions about what I want to indulge in rather than eating one sweet thing after another.

One of my favorite treats recently:

0% Chobani, 1 Tbsp almond meal, frozen berry/cherry blend that thaws in the freezer.  Delicious and way less sugar than a flavored yogurt.

5.  My workouts have been a bit varied recently, and I wanted a quick at home strength session on Sunday afternoon.  Thanks to Lindsay’s leg workout and Courtney’s shoulder shredder, I was sore all day yesterday.

6.  We’ve been dining out more than usual.  I know it seems so much more expensive, but I don’t think my husband realizes that I actually have to pay for groceries when I cook at home.  He thinks the fridge just magically refills.  I typically order light and drink water, so it’s not too expensive for us to go out.  We enjoyed this sushi feast (and I had a glass of wine) for about $30 two weekends ago (hubby’s iPhone photo):

And this lovely pasta and salad combo at a restaurant really close to our new house:

The entrees were around 20 dollars a piece with unlimited salad and bread, so we split everything – and it was perfect.  We had the best service and really liked the atmosphere – all for about $20!

7.  Our kitchen cabinets got delivered last weekend!

My husband has to recruit some help for installation, but hopefully I’ll be whipping things up in our new kitchen pretty soon!

8.  We’ve been married 7 months today.


[photo borrowed from Hannah]

I still have such a crush on my husband. ;)

Tell me something about your life recently.  Or how you’d react to finding out your masseuse was a male.

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