Ultimate Grilled Cheese Wannabe

When I talked to Adam on Friday from work and he said soup and sandwiches sounded good for dinner, I was sold.  I knew I had my favorite soup at home:

And the simple dinner plans left me plenty of time for my workout.  While my husband went the simple american cheese on Italian bread route, I set out to (sort of) replicate the ultimate veggie grilled cheese I had at MLT in South Beach.  Tempeh “bacon” wasn’t on their sandwich, but I made a batch for mine:

Kailey’s post with roasted red pepper spread inspired me to whip up a batch of my own – I just sautéed the peppers (instead of grilling them) and pureed them with a bit of water, garlic powder, and spices.

Garden fresh tomatoes (thanks to my uncle) and sautéed spinach rounded out the veggies – I was thinking sautéed mushrooms or caramelized onions too, but this grilled cheese was getting pretty complex.

On honey oat whole grain bread with 1 slice each of cheddar and swiss.

Almost forgot the spread before digging in!

The sandwich/soup combo was so satisfying I forgot the massaged kale salad in the fridge, but it was good for lunch the next day.

Remember how I made a batch of those peanut butter pretzel bars?  The remaining crumbs from the dish made the perfect topping for a batch of banana soft serve – like a healthy(ish) Blizzard.

The rest of my weekend was spent with family – both at a viewing and funeral (sharing tons of happy memories and focusing on the joyful and peaceful life that inspired so many) and moving my baby brother into his first college dorm.  Go Tartans (not really, P-I-T-T let’s go Pitt!).  <3  Have a great week!

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