Very Snacky Day

Good morning and happy WIAW!  Jenn had a great idea to focus on sensible snacking this month.

Peas and Crayons
First, the meals:

Clockwise: breakfast – overnight peanut butter cookie dough oats with banana in a White Chocolate Wonderful jar – best combination ever.  Lunch: “True Blue” lunch room salad: blueberries, walnuts, blue cheese (not my favorite) and balsamic vinegar.  Dinner: huge black bean veggie burger, cornbread, fruit, noodles, and peas. 

Dinner was thanks to my parents, and I was so happy to see this face in particular:

And now the day’s snacks:

Clockwise from top left: Light & Fit Popcorn (half the bag yesterday, half today!), crack snack mix from Costco, Ferrero Rocher from my chocolate stash (moderation! ;) ), fruit before and with dinner, pear at work, carrots & hummus, and some Love before bed.

Missing from the photo: a cookie after my brother’s graduation ceremony & cereal straight out of the box after we got home.  Yesterday was a very snack-y day for me (9 different things, total) - mostly because I don’t think my salad at lunch filled me up enough.

The peanut butter cookie dough oats are going to be my contribution to the first Breakfast Food Friday – get excited! ;)

Design based on my Dad’s diner logo – thanks Dad! :)

Come back Friday to join the link party!

How many snacks did you have yesterday?  I had 9 total!

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