Nothing big happened this weekend – and it was great.  No commitments, parties, etc – just moving more stuff from my parents’ house, trying to cook without countertops, a sink, or any real knives, church, breakfast with my parents (thanks Mom & Dad), cleaning, and other errands to get the house put together.

Thanks to all of your app recommendations these photos are courtesy of Tadaa.  Not sure how I feel about the artsy filters, but here are (some) the weekend’s eats:

Friday’s lunch: Pita Pit black bean salad with guac & tons of veggies

Snacks are crucial for a half-functional kitchen – and a husband with a major sweet tooth.

Semi-homemade dinner.


 The oven officially works :)

 TJ’s garlic herb pizza crust, roasted peppers, artichokes, mozzarella, and feta

Ran a really random errand for my uncle yesterday – picked up a statue – and the lady we picked it up from gave us a batch of cookies she bought a nun’s bake sale.  I can’t remember the name she used for them, but they were so perfectly soft, delicate, and sweet – better than any similar style cookies I’ve had in the past – want to say she called them “kriska?”.

Lessons from the new ‘hood:

  • I live way too close to Trader Joe’s.  I’ve been there 3 times in 3 days.
  • TJ’s has a great selection of semi-prepared foods to get us through the next few weeks until the cabinets & countertops are all installed.
  • Adam and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and ended up on a very pedestrian-unfriendly street.  Woops.

A local blogger featured me on her blog, Primped In Pittsburgh last night.  Thanks, Gabrielle!

Any lessons you learned this weekend?


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