WIAW 95th Birthday Style

Time for the weekly day-of-eats post thanks to Jenn!

Peas and Crayons

Breakfast, at work: Sunday night I followed this recipe pretty loosely and made an apple pear crisp.  I took a serving of it to work, reheated it and topped it with greek yogurt.  A really different, delicious breakfast.


Banana with peanut butter I got in the mail – it’s called cinnamon raisin granola nut, but doesn’t have half the flavor of my beloved PB & Co.


Recycled photo, but it was one of these lentil, brown rice, and cheese stuffed peppers with tomato sauce.   :)

Snack: unpictured honeycrisp – so good!

Dinner: The birthday celebration!  Unpictured – red wine while mingling with the more than 100 guests at my uncle’s beautiful house.

A sushi spread!  Avocado and cucumber rolls and one spicy California type roll.  I may have had about 20 bites while arranging them on the tray (and no I didn’t make it, just picked it up from the restaurant)!

Dinner was a mixture of some of the Claire-friendly dishes on the buffet:

Israeli couscous with scallops, penne with shrimp, salad, and fruit… and LOTS of dessert.

I skipped the cupcake tower in favor of the cupcakes my Aunt brought:

Do they look familiar?  Just as delicious as you’d expect!

I ended the night with a small piece of birthday cake:

Happy birthday, Nana!

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